DNA IDs suspect in 2006 sex case

HOUSTON It was one of the most shocking police chases in the city's history -- gunshots, wrecks, and eventually a splash landing in a creek. Now we've learned the man who ran from police that day in 2006 has been linked to a brutal crime against a little girl.

The victim, who is now 16, is still coping with the trauma of what happened four years ago. Police say the fact they've identified a suspect has brought the family some closure.

On July 21, 2006, Kenneth Ray Pool, 62, shot at Pasadena police as he led them on a wild and dangerous high speed chase. Pool was later convicted of aggravated robbery and sentenced to more than 45 years in prison.

Now, almost four years later, Houston police say Pool is the same man who kidnapped and raped a 12-year-old girl 15 days before the incident with Pasadena police.

"He denied all the allegations," said Officer J. Perales with the Houston Police Department. "He just believed that we're trying to put another case on him."

The trail went cold about a year ago, then DNA which had been collected and entered into the combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, back in 2006 identified Pool as the suspect. Investigators obtained DNA evidence from Pool and a match was confirmed. It was the news his alleged teenage victim had waited years for.

"Thrilled, thrilled. I think it's even helping her in therapy to know that she doesn't have to look over her shoulder," explained Officer Perales.

The then 12-year-old was abducted from the front porch of her townhome on July 6, 2006. Pool allegedly posed as a border patrol agent and claimed he saw the 12-year-old of steal candy from a grocery store. According to court documents after Pool drove off with her he tied her hands with rope and taped her eyes shut with duct tape then sexually assaulted her at an unknown location.

Dell Turner, a former neighbor of the victim, said, "I don't think he should ever be allowed on the streets again."

Pool is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault. If convicted he could face an additional 5 to 99 years for each count. He's currently in jail in the Texas Department of Corrections Boyd Unit. Pool is expected to be brought back to Harris County to face those charges.

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