Man tries to elude police by jumping into lake

ANCHORAGE, AK Joshua Ellis was arrested Wednesday evening on charges of eluding, resisting arrest, false information and driving while intoxicated. His bail has been set at $5,000.

Police said Lt. Garry Gilliam was trying to pull over Ellis for speeding in a construction zone.

They said Ellis then fled in his Subaru, striking a construction cone and driving through a road section that was closed to traffic.

According to police, Gilliam blocked the Subaru in the parking lot of a park and approached the vehicle. They said when he opened the car's door, Ellis ran off and jumped into Waldon Lake.

Police said Ellis emerged from the water but jumped back in when Gilliam approached with handcuffs. At some point, Ellis took off his shirt, pants and shoes, police said.

Authorities finally obtained a boat from the Anchorage Fire Department, which an officer and a firefighter took to arrest Ellis. Lt. Dave Parker said Ellis grabbed the firefighter during a brief struggle.

Ellis also gave a false name, police said.

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