More oil washing up on Galveston beach?

GALVESTON, TX Today, crews will be monitoring the Galveston shoreline after swimmers complained of getting oil on them while in the water near 53rd Street. The Coast Guard got the call early Thursday evening, and immediately went to check it out.

The report was that a man and woman swimming came back to shore with some sort of sticky substance that wouldn't easily wash off. The Coast Guard and Texas General Land Office sent crews to clean up a 100-yard stretch of beach near 53rd Street. The beach was closed just for the cleanup and then re-opened.

One tourist described what she saw on the beach.

"(We) walked along the beach and noticed the small globs of orangey brown substance, very thick in consistency," said tourist Eileen Haley.

"Right now the beaches are as they have been -- clean, open and safe," said Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski.

The materials taken from the beach will be tested at two labs to see what it is and whether it came from the Deepwater Horizon or another source.

The Coast Guard says if you do get oil on your skin, it can usually be cleaned with soap and water or baby oil.

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