ReNew Houston plan reaches petition goal

The Renew Houston campaign wants to change the way street maintenance and drainage projects are funded

July 8, 2010 8:03:14 AM PDT
A campaign to rebuild Houston's aging streets and drainage systems is moving closer to reaching its goal. "ReNew Houston" is a campaign to address the problem of making drainage and street repairs. The campaign supporters will submit approximately 35,000 petition signatures, which call for a city-wide charter amendment election to establish a dedicated pay-as-you-go funding source to renew Houston's drainage and streets. The signatures collected from Houstonians will be delivered to City Secretary Anna Russell to be validated. City Council must then approve placement of the ReNew Houston charter amendment on the November 2, 2010 ballot for consideration by Houston voters.

The Dedicated Drainage and Street Renewal Fund created by the charter amendment will provide a predictable source of money to help the city pay for badly needed repairs to its aging streets and drainage system.