High water closes Highway 87 along Bolivar Peninsula

GALVESTON, TX You may remember Highway 87 was badly damaged during Hurricane Ike nearly two years ago. People who live in the area say not enough has been done to repair the roadway.

Rollover Pass was the end of the line for motorists traveling on Highway 87 on the Bolivar Peninsula. The closure stretched to High Island because of high water and debris washed onto the road.

"Last week, we had the same scenario," said Warren Adams.

Thursday's closure means closure for the Fanta Sea BBQ & Grill next to the blockade. Adams opened it on Memorial Day and says the regular flooding on this end of 87 has to stop.

"Any time we get a four or five foot high sea, then it's gonna flood the highway. And the highway is a very valuable highway to get in and out of the area," Adams said.

Since Ike, 87 has been resurfaced and raised six feet from the ferry boat landing to Rollover Pass, with work expected to continue to High Island next month.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, resurfacing and roadway elevation from the Bolivar Ferry Landing to Rollover Pass Bridge started last year and cost $6.1 million. Bidding for contracts from Rollover Pass to High Island begins in August at an estimated cost of $7.1 million.

It's a schedule that is too slow for some residents.

"We put a lot of money in raising the highway and to no avail," said Joe Sanchez. "It's still the same thing that it was before."

However, Sanchez has bigger worries, showing us a gooey substance that washed up along the bridge. We checked with the Texas General Land Office and the U.S. Coast Guard who told us that there are no new reports of oil washing up on shore in the Galveston area. They do encourage you to report any oil that is found.

Despite the road closure and the constant rain, for some the ferry boat ride was as much fun as any water park.

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