Gas station overhang collapses in SW Houston

HOUSTON Shortly before 5pm on Wednesday, as the heavy afternoon storms moved through the area, the covering at the Chevron station on Weslayan at the Southwest Freeway collapsed. It's unknown if the weather is to blame for the accident.

No one was injured, and no vehicles were damaged in the collapse.

"At the time it was raining very heavily, it was windy and I was standing inside the store. I had some customers, it sounded like a boom and just went down," said store owner Isswar Desai. "It's a big mess, but I'm really happy no one got hurt, because at that time I was having no customers on that pump. We are really lucky no one was hurt."

Desai adds he called emergency crews at the time of the collapse.

The electricity was cut off to the gas pumps until repairs can be done. But the convenience store is open for business.

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