Driver slams into home during police chase

HOUSTON It happened overnight on Wigton near Bob White in southwest Houston. The house has already been boarded up. But from the inside, the damage was extensive. A China display is gone and family heirlooms were broken. But Morris Dante and his wife Diane remain grateful.

"Listen, she's fine and I'm fine," said homeowner Morris Dante.

He was jolted out of bed just before 1am. The loud crashing sound worried him.

"We thought it was lightning. It was a huge crash," he said. "When I looked up towards this way, I saw light and I figured it was on fire."

What Dante saw was the headlight in his home. Authorities say the white Chevy Malibu came crashing into Dante's dining room. It was a destructive end to what began as an attempted traffic stop.

HPD says an officer spotted the car with a broken headlight at Hillcroft at Wigton and tried to pull over the Chevy. The driver began to speed off. The chase ended a few blocks away at Wigton near Bob White.

The driver took off on foot. The passenger, Antoine Carr Williams, 21, was found hiding behind the garage of another home a couple blocks away. Williams was arrested and has been charged with felony evading arrest.

As for Dante, he's already begun to clean up.

"This won't be about a few months of aggravation here," he said.

The driver remains on the loose but authorities say they know who he is.

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