Demolition crews tear down neighborhood eyesore

HOUSTON City officials and neighbors say the complex has been in poor condition for a long time, and it's finally being demolished today. The city began demolishing the Park Place apartment complex at 7410 Park Place and Telephone Road at around 9am.

This morning, authorities walked through units to make sure vagrants had moved out. Community groups have long complained about the unsafe apartment complex. The buildings were unsecured, a shelter for crime and despite years of demands that it either be repaired or demolished, the owner fought to save it. Today, bulldozers finally moved in.

"I want building owners, especially the building owners in my district that are absentee landlords, to take note that we are going to be aggressive and we are going to come after their properties if they are not meeting minimal standards," said Houston Council Member James Rodriguez.

"Don't give landlords repeated chances. If they don't repair their property and take care of their property the first time or the second time, then do what needs to be done," said Delores Jenkins with the Gulfcrest Super Neighborhood.

Police officers were on hand to control traffic and keep bystanders a safe distance away from the site.

The property will now have a lien placed on it of more than a $100,000. Back taxes are still due on this property.

The complex hasn't housed a rent-paying tenant in 15 years. The complex owner says he lacked the money to tear it down.
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