How to save money on airfares

HOUSTON If you still have not had a chance to get away this summer, we have some tips that can help you get a better deal on getting out of town.

Flying is not cheap, just ask Frank Okeke.

"It was $1,700 from La Guardia in New York to George Bush Airport and it is expensive," said Okeke.

However, there are things the flying public can do to cut the costs. According to the travel website, the best day of the week to buy your tickets is Tuesday.

Even though most tickets are bought over the weekend, it is early in the week when airlines start matching the best fares from competitors. By week's end, the cheaper seats are already sold.

When booking your trip, if you can leave on Wednesday, you'll be rewarded with a flight that typically costs less. It's a travel secret Kirsten Fay is taking advantage of, even though she did not realize it.

"In fact, we probably did because we stay Tuesday through the Sunday for a long weekend and that's the cheapest fare we can find," said Fay. "It did not dawn on me."

If you are logging on the internet to buy your tickets, you are fingertips away from airfare deals. Most folks know about Facebook and Twitter, many teens have figured out following their favorite stores Twitter or Facebook account gives them inside information deals.

It turns out airlines also send out sales information to travelers who are following the companies on Facebook and Twitter.

"I usually do something like Kayak or Travelocity, but I think Facebook would work," said Kiplinn Sagmiller.

Another tip from farecompare is to forget the checked bag. If you can get away with a carryon, you will save $50 per round trip ticket. And if you are flying with your family that adds up to hundreds of dollars saved.

We have these tips on the Action 13 Consumer Blog here.

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