Pet owner says six of her dogs poisoned

HOUSTON This is big news because this is a big dog community. Pet owners are no doubt alarmed by this disturbing discovery. Charlotte Liberda's dogs mean everything to her.

"They're my life. They're my babies," said Liberda.

All the more reason why it's so hard for her to believe that someone intentionally tried to hurt them.

Last week, Liberda's six dogs, including Mattie and Austin, got so sick they nearly died after eating some cheese that was left in her front yard.

"All of the sudden she fell over and started having a seizure, and within 10 more seconds, another dog fell over and then a third one. Obviously I was beside myself," she said.

Liberda rushed her dogs to the veterinarian. The toxicology report showed the cheese was laced with high levels of strychnine. A poison used for pest control, strychnine is fast-acting, dangerous, and lethal to humans and animals.

"Evil. Pure evil, is all I can say," said Liberda. "This is a person that acted rationally, they knew what they were doing."

What's more, this was not an isolated incident. Similar looking cheese balls were also found in her neighbor's front yard. Stephanie Horzepa lives right across the street from Cleveland Park.

"I would like to see them caught and apprehended so they can't harm anybody else," said Horzepa.

Liberda, who today is counting her blessings, couldn't agree more.

"They're survivors," she said.

The Houston Police Department is investigating. Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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