Carjacking suspect wrecks fleeing from police

HOUSTON It began early Monday morning when a man jumped inside a convertible with the top down sitting in the drive-thru of a Jack 'n the Box, and ended when the suspect crashed the car near Wilson and the North Beltway.

Police believe the handgun found at the end of a row of wrecked cars belongs to the suspect. It was a violent ending to a horrific ordeal for the two female victims, who authorities say may have also been sexually assaulted by the suspect.

Authorities say the suspect first carjacked the victims at a fast food restaurant off Tidwell by the North Loop. The suspect allegedly jumped inside the convertible around 2:30am Monday morning and forced the two women at gunpoint to begin driving.

"They went to one of the victims' apartments to look for money and valuables and then she came back because he told her he would kill her cousin if she did not come back to the car, so she came back," said Sgt. Monte Nabors of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

The next stop, say authorities, was at a nearby apartment complex off Ralston Road where one of the victims lives. She was forced to go inside for valuables while the suspect stayed outside with the other victim. The suspect was not prepared for what happened next, authorities say.

"One of the victims' brothers was in the apartment, found out what was going on, he comes out and shot at the suspect. At that time, the other victim jumped out of the car unharmed," said Sgt. Nabors.

Authorities say the suspect drove off, pursued by deputies. The suspect then lost control of the car a couple miles away near Wilson Road, becoming airborne and slamming into five parked cars before landing.

The suspect, Jarrod Phillip Outley, 31, was thrown from the car and taken into custody, where he was transported to Ben Taub Hospital. Outley has been charged with aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

Authorities are interviewing the two victims and are reviewing nearby surveillance video.

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