Brazoria County hit hard by flooding

HOUSTON Brazoria County homeowners worked tirelessly into the afternoon Saturday, piling scattered remnants of the storm. And like bite marks left from an attack, memories of how high the water rose are etched into walls.

"You can see the water lines here," Cathy Urgan explained as she showed us how high the water got in the work room of her flower shop. "We haven't gotten out to start cleaning yet because we're still waiting to see if it's going to be over."

Everything you see on her porch was once under water. It's now soaked, but drying.

"When it comes off the roof, here it goes, right into that room," she said.

At house after house, Red Cross volunteers stopped to provide disaster kits to residents with water-logged homes.

"A lot of the people don't have insurance, so we're trying to help them out with supplies and things like that," said Charlie Davis with the Brazoria County Red Cross.

The mayor of West Colombia was also out to survey the damage. But with her city still waiting for FEMA reimbursements from Ike, she says they're limited in what they can provide. This storm, by the way, pounded Brazoria County far worse than Ike, or any hurricane they've seen in a long time.

"Even though it's going into south Texas or northern Mexico, we take every situation seriously because we're on the eastern edge of it," said West Columbia Mayor Laurie Kincannon. "And we don't know. We have to be prepared for whatever."

One way they're preparing now is by cleaning out drain and sewer systems while there's a break from the rain. With more bad weather forecast, if they don't, they'll find themselves back in same situation.

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