Robbery suspect accused in second attack

GALVESTON, TX Shandell Jerrard Williams, 31, now faces two charges of aggravated robbery and has been denied bond, according to a Galveston Police Department statement.

Williams is accused of robbing a clerk at a convenience store in the 1900 block of 45th Street Monday night.

The clerk had said a man who was approximately 6 feet tall and 250 pounds with a tattoo on his arm had walked into his store, pulled out a pistol and demanded cash. The clerk handed the suspect an undisclosed amount of money, and the suspect escaped.

Police weren't able to find a suspect fitting the clerk's description.

But on Tuesday, a Galveston Police Department detective assigned to the case was able to match the suspect's description to that of Williams. He was charged and released on bond in another aggravated robbery case she was working.

The detective slipped a photo of Williams in a suspect photo lineup, and he was positively identified by the clerk.

Williams was charged with a second aggravated robbery charge, and the Galveston County District Attorney's Office denied him bond.

Williams has been charged with aggravated robbery four time, excluding these two open cases. He was released from prison in April of 2009 after serving 12 years for committing aggravated robberies in 1997.

In the other pending robbery case against him, he is accused of punching a 68-year-old man who had walked past him in the 3400 block of Avenue M ½. Williams allegedly knocked to the man to ground before demanding his wallet. He left the man with a swelling and bleeding face. That incident happened in May.

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