Newborn found abandoned at apartment complex

STAFFORD, TX It happened at the Preserve at Colony Lakes Apartment in the 1000 block of Farrah Lane. The newborn baby girl was found on a towel on the doorstep at about 4:30am.

Family members in the apartment were getting ready to attend an early morning church service when a son heard a strange noise. His mother went to the front door to investigate, discovered the baby, brought her inside and called authorities.

"My mom came and she was, like, 'Just don't open the door like that, you know. You don't know what it could be, this early in the morning especially,'" Alisham Prasala recalled. "Then she opened the door and she jumped back, you know, all shocked. I was like, 'What happened?' And she was like, 'There's a kid on the floor.' I was all shocked. I went to call 911 and she went to wake up my dad."

According to the family which found her, the baby was covered in blood with her umbilical cord still attached. It's believed the baby was about two hours old when she was found. Deputies believe the African American girl was delivered by a young mother who did not have professional help to cut the cord.

It's unclear how long the baby had been lying outside before the family discovered her. Deputies have been scouring the area for the girl's mother.

A Texas law provides a responsible alternative to mothers who might otherwise abandon, harm or murder a newborn child. It states that a parent may leave an unharmed infant, up to 60 days old, at any hospital or fire station with "no questions asked." This law is nicknamed "The Baby Moses Law" from the ancient story of baby Moses who was placed in a wicker basket by his mother to be saved from death.

Since this baby was not abandoned within the guidelines of the Baby Moses Law, deputies say the birth mother could face a felony child abandonment charge. They added that it appeared whoever dropped off the child chose the family's apartment at random.

The child was taken to Southwest Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation and treatment. She had suffered mild hypothermia, but is recovering at the hospital.

Authorities are asking for the public's assistance to reach the birth mother to find out about the baby's family medical history.

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