Kayakers have rough ride in Galveston Bay

GALVESTON, TX The effects of Hurricane Alex are being felt in Galveston, despite the fact the storm is so far to the south. The wind has been gusting in Galveston and the surf in the bay is very choppy.

Two kayakers, college students from A&M -- one from Kingwood and one from Tennessee -- were out fishing last night. They told their friends they would be back in a couple of hours. But their kayak flipped over in the wake of a larger boat.

The surf was kicked up due to Hurricane Alex hundreds of miles away. It kept the students from righting the kayak and they floated for hours along with their kayak down the Galveston Causeway until they were eventually able to swim to shore in Tiki Island.

They wondered the whole time if their friends realized that they were missing. And indeed, they had and notified authorities.

"The whole time we wondering where the Coast Guard was, wondering whether our friends were just on the couch playing video games or if they called," said stranded kayaker Jacob Davis. "I guess they called because everyone has been looking for us and just couldn't find us."

They walked to a gas station and called for help from there. They were checked out and are fine.

Authorities say it's not a day to be out at the beach or in the rough waters.

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