Wife killed in single-vehicle wreck

HOUSTON It happened just before 11pm Sunday on Beechnut near Highway 6. The family was apparently headed home from a soccer watch party at a relative's home. They were only a couple of miles from their home when the accident happened.

Deputies say the girl's mother, Bonnie Coronado, 34, was behind the wheel, headed east on Beechnut when she lost control of her Ford Explorer and hit a curb, which sent her vehicle into a tree.

"Witnesses stated that the vehicle was driving erratically and then it appeared to have approached another vehicle suddenly and then swerved to go around that vehicle, and so it looks like the vehicle may have over-corrected," said Dwayne Soots of the Harris County Sheriff's Department.

Coronado was pronounced dead on the scene. Her 14-year-old daughter Stephanie, who was sitting in her passenger seat, had to be transported to the hospital via LifeFlight. She suffered a broken leg and underwent surgery to have a rod inserted, but she is expected to recover.

Two of the couple's other daughters were also in the vehicle but weren't seriously hurt.

Coronado's husband Luis Villalobos said the two younger children were thrown from the vehicle in the wreck, but they are doing fine. He added that while initial reports indicated he and his wife were racing each other down the street, that was untrue. He said they were both speeding, but then he slowed down and his wife passed him. That's when she lost control and crashed.

Authorities suspect speed and alcohol may have been a factor, but that's something Coronado's brother also finds hard to believe.

"She doesn't do that kind of stuff. She's 34 years old. Not with three kids in a car," said Tony Coronado.

He believes there's more to the story, and tonight, he hopes the investigation will give him and his family the answers they need.

"Not knowing is very hard. I'd like to see something done because she just doesn't go out and do this out of the blue," he said.

Looking at home videos taken at a party mere months ago, Amanda Villalobos still struggles to believe her sister-in-law is gone.

"I love Bonnie. I don't understand because (she has) four little girls," said Villalobos.

She says Bonnie Coronado was always there for her, even during child birth.

Authorities are awaiting toxicology reports to determine if alcohol played a role in the crash.

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