Carjacking leads to chase and crash


The carjackings happened in north Houston near the North Freeway and FM 1960.

Thursday's carjacking suspects are still on the loose, but on Friday, it was a different story; deputies gave chase to another carjacking suspect who couldn't keep the vehicle on the road and crashed into the Forest Pointe Apartments.

"I was just shocked. I came from an appointment, and there was a car sitting in my house," resident Sheila Clark said.

Clark said she was glad she was at a doctor's appointment and not in her bathroom and kitchen when a carjacking suspect lost control of a stolen Cadillac.

"He tore my bathroom up, tore up all the plumbing," she said. "My apartment flooded, and he hit the kitchen so hard, my dishwasher was sitting out in the middle of the floor."

The carjacking started in north Houston at Interstate 45 and FM 1960.

The 22-year-old suspect and another man pulled the owner of the Cadillac out of the car, pistol whipped him and took off.

Deputies spotted the car, a chase ensued and the driver lost control.

"The suspect that fled from the vehicle was later apprehended," Harris County Sheriff's Office's Eric Batton said.

Now investigators are dealing with two carjacking in two days less than a mile from each other.

Like the rims on the stolen Cadillac, Thursday's stolen car, a Buick, sported the same kind.

Unlike Friday, however, 21-year-old Ricky Romero, owner of the Buick, was fatally shot three times when he refused to give up his keys.

As for Clark, she's just glad the carjacking suspect is off the roads.

"If I had be in there, from the lick, I'd have been gone," Clark said.

Investigators are now investigating a possible link between how close the two carjackings were. They'll also be checking that handgun that was discovered Friday to see if it matches Thursday's fatal carjacking.

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