White accepts Democratic Party nomination

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX For convention goers, this is has been one of the most optimistic years for Democrats to make their way into statewide offices. And all hopes and eyes were on Houston's former mayor.

They are the party faithful -- the thousands who descended on Corpus Christi to hear the man they believe have a real shot at winning the governor's race.

"Bill White is a hard worker, he worked very hard to make Houston a great city, and I know that he'll do that as governor," State Rep. Carol Alvarado said.

And the former Houston mayor ramped up the rhetoric, accusing Perry of being a career politician.

"He takes a full salary as governor, but he only schedules seven hours of state business every single week," White told the crowd.

White painted him as out of touch with the average Texas voter.

"I don't have all the practice and polish of a career politician. He's good t commercials, I'm good at getting things done," White said.

It is a strategy the Democrats are hoping will swing help them to a win in November, just as Republicans labeled White as too liberal for Texas during their convention two weeks ago.

In Corpus Christi, Eyewitness News only found one protester.

Delegates spent their day debating a number of different party platforms and hoping White will have some long coattails.

"The smell of victory is in the air for Harris County," Harris County Democratic Party Chair Gerry Birnberg said. "We know Bill White is at the top of the ticket."

The challenge, attendees agree, is not that Democrats don't think White is the right man. It's simply getting enough of them to show up in November to make a difference.

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