Grandma defends school involved in alleged beating

HOUSTON Theresa Reagins said Jamie's House Charter School helped her two grandchildren while their mother served jail time. Reagins says she supports the school and owner Ollie Howard, but not her daughter's lawsuit against it.

"Miss Ollie has helped me for two years with Isaiah and Alisa at Jamie's House without their mother, and it's just hard for me to see it go down like that for a payday," Reagins said.

The child's mother, Alesha Johnson, told Eyewitness News Thursday night she sued the school because they did not report the attack on her son.

The teacher, Sheri Lynn Davis, has been charged with injury to a child after the cell phone video showed her beating up 13-year old Isaiah Reagins.

Another teacher, Gabriel Hahn Moseley, who allegedly witnessed the beating, Principal David Jones and Superintendent Ollie Hilliard are all charged with failure to report child abuse, a Class A misdemeanor.

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