Galveston to begin live streaming City Council meetings

GALVESTON, TX The city announced on Thursday that it will begin live streaming its council meetings and municipal channel programming on its website,

The city also will begin offering its City council meetings via on-demand streaming video, which will allow residents to jump to the agenda items they're interested in watching. Residents also will be able to search for previous council meetings via a keyword search.

The city said offering these new services will help increase public awareness and expand the dialogue with citizens on the island.

"City council, especially Council member Elizabeth Beeton, has been a proponent of making access to council meetings easier and available to more citizens," Galveston City Manager Steve LeBlanc said in an official statement. "Residents, business owners, and property owners can now access the meetings anytime, anywhere via the link on our website."

City Council meetings are generally held the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Workshop sessions begin at noon, and the council convenes their regular meetings at 4pm.

The meetings will be broadcast live and will be archived a few hours after the meeting has ended.

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