Cancelled orders cause iPhone confusion

HOUSTON You cannot get one of the new phones unless you pre-ordered it last week, but some who did that are finding they are not getting the phone anyway.

iPhone user Articia Freeman cannot say enough good things about her phone. But Freeman says she can't wait to try out the newest version of the device -- the iPhone 4.

"I like the video chat on it and then that one has a flash and a zoom on the camera," she said. "I have two kids, so I use the camera all the time."

On Thursday, many of the 600,000 people who pre-ordered the iPhone 4 will be able to pick them up at AT&T Stores across the country. John Pruett took the time to pre-order.

"I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning and tried to place an order," he said. "It kept on rejecting and rejecting and finally at 11:00 that morning it sent out the thing."

Pruett's iPhone confirmation states the device would be sent June 24, among the first wave of phones to hit the streets. But the next day another email came saying the shipping date had been pushed back to July 2. Then a final email from Apple arrived saying the order was canceled.

Pruett recalled, "I was like, this is a joke or something? Then three hours on hold with Apple, the Apple store said it was AT&T's fault, it's not our fault."

So Pruett called AT&T.

"They told me it was Apple's fault because I ordered it from the Apple store," Pruett said.

AT&T officials said they could not go into detail about the issue but added the cancellation was not a mistake. One email sent to Pruett states his account was past due. We are told no phones were sent to accounts listed as past due. Pruett says he made the payment to his account but apparently the payment was not posted soon enough to stop the cancellation.

Pruett said, "Apple puts out a great product but it's like, you know what, maybe you shouldn't be the first one on board."

Pruett told us he did pay up his account, but the best Apple or AT&T can do now to get a new iPhone is to go to the back of the preorder line.

Many of those who ordered the iPhone will get their hands on them Thursday. Others who pre-ordered will get them the first week of July. If you wanted to walk in a store and buy one, AT&T will start selling them to walk-up customers in a week. Apple stores could have some Thursday, but supplies may be very limited.

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