Man finds woman's missing class ring 30 years later

ROSENBERG, TX Her class ring turned up after it had been missing for 30 years. The man who found the ring made it his mission to find the owner.

It's a reunion Patsy Peebles thought would never happen between her and a still-sparkling blue and gold ring lost 30 years ago.

Otto Schatz, 95, was watering his rose bushes outside his house on Easy Street in Rosenberg when he made the discovery.

"I saw it shine. That's all I could see was the stone," said Schatz.

In a square of dirt, Schatz dug into the soil.

"Come up with a big lump of dirt, and there was the ring," Schatz said.

His wife cleaned it up and they found the writing, "Lamar Consolidated High School, 1960" on it, along with the initials, "PSP."

Schatz contacted the school, where officials quickly tracked down the eager owner in Patsy Peebles.

"I was just totally in shock to think that after so many years, something would show up, and that someone would go through so much trouble to find out who it belonged to," said Peebles.

It helped that Peebles still lives in Rosenberg, not far from Schatz and his wife. She now counts them as friends and can't help beaming when she looks at her long-lost relic.

"To just show up after being in a mud clod for 30 years, that's pretty miraculous," Peebles said.

For his part, Schatz is just happy the class ring finally found its way home.

"I have one - 1936. And it means a lot to me. And I knew the person who lost it wanted it back if they could get it," he said.

Amazingly, after 30 years, Peebles is still able to wear the ring on its original finger.

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