Man sentenced for videotaping in women's restroom

HOUSTON Speaking through an interpreter, Mauro Juarez Rito pleaded guilty to the crime of improper photography, saying, "I understand that I committed something serious and that I must pay the consequences."

He admitted to have used to a camera to violate a woman in the most private of places.

"He was accused of setting up photo cameras or video cameras within the women's restroom in the restaurant and when the complainant went in to use the restroom, she was videotaped," said prosecutor Eva Flores.

The crime happened at a Mexican restaurant on East FM 1960. We're not naming the restaurant because it might identify the victim.

The woman, prosecutors say, was somebody Rito knew fairly well.

"She was his boss, his supervisor and it's our understanding that he may have had feelings for her that she was unaware of," said Flores.

Prosecutors say the crime was uncovered after the victim found the two cameras hidden under the sink. They were mounted there with putty, another important clue they says lead to the suspect.

"Upon the video camera, his image appeared from when he set up the camera," Flores said.

As part of the plea deal, Rito was sentenced to eight months in state jail. It's a punishment the state says the victim can live with.

''The complainant wanted to see jail time. We agreed to state jail time that's served day-for-day. There is no good time," said Flores.

Rito is a Mexican national. After his eight-month sentence, he will likely be deported back to Mexico.

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