Teen testifies in grand jury investigation

HOUSTON The grand jury saw video of the alleged beating over a month ago and has also heard from the police officers involved. On Monday the teenager at the center of it all got his chance to tell them his side of the story.

The grand jury has been listening to testimony in this case for a month now. Chad Holley's attorney didn't say much about what was said because the proceedings are kept secret.

Joyce Holley said very little to us as her 16-year-old son Chad testified before a grand jury today. Unreleased surveillance video allegedly shows eight Houston police officers beating the unarmed burglary suspect outside a southwest Houston storage facility. After about an hour, Holley emerged from behind closed doors but said nothing.

Holley's attorney Wilvin Carter said, "Based on how Chad responded and based on the reception that I got from him, I think everything went pretty well."

Holley appeared before the grand jury for the first time almost three months to the day of the alleged beating by police back in March. Last month photos were released of the injuries which he claims to have suffered at the hands of several officers who have since been relieved of duty. Whether their alleged actions warrant criminal charges is still unclear. Carter says the uncertainty is beginning to take its toll on the family.

"They're tired. They feel like victims," Carter said. "They really just want it behind them at this point and time."

The surveillance video isn't being released because the investigation is ongoing.

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