Father's Day visit turns tragic in SE Houston

HOUSTON Police were called to a home on Mum near Beltway 8 in southeast Houston at around 5:30pm yesterday. A 23-year-old woman lived there with her 15-month-old child and her parents. Her boyfriend had come to the house wanting to visit with his child for Father's Day.

That started an argument which led to the boyfriend pulling a gun. He fired several times inside the house, but no one was hit. The girlfriend and her parents ran outside and called police.

"Patrol originally got the call," said Capt. Robert Montgomery with HPD SWAT. "By the time they got here, he had probably already killed himself."

A SWAT team was called to the scene. They tried to communicate with the boyfriend for hours before sending a camera into the house after 11pm.

Officers say the man shot himself in the head.

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