Saturday kicks off the Lincoln Highway Road Trip

FLINT Last year, a quarter million people showed up and brought their business to the bricks.

In an effort to entice the rest of America to come in August, more than two dozen classic and custom car owners set out Saturday for the Lincoln Highway.

The purpose was to bring business to Flint, but along the way, it became one big party.

ABC12's Karen Gatlin informed reporters on the event's history. "The idea for it was conceived in 1913, and its the first road across America. It links Times Square New York, to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

The cars range from a 1932 Ford, to a 1969 Buick Station wagon.

Heads will be turning in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. The tour will also drive five miles through West Virginia.

'Back to the Bricks' Founder Al Hatch is passionate about promoting the great state of Michigan. "The message is: come to Flint, see what we have to offer. We have one of the nations largest car shows and we hold it right here in historic downtown Flint."

Along the way, those driving will meet up with car groups and join local cruises.

Gatlin is 'embedded' with the cruisers and will begin reports on the tour starting Sunday.

There will also be a half-hour special on the Lincoln Highway Road Trip next Thursday night at 7.

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