Robbers target woman and child outside store

LEAGUE CITY, TX This was a brazen attack in the middle of the afternoon Friday. Now, League City police are looking for two people, one of whom held a woman at gunpoint.

The quick trip to the store for Jessica and Krysten Pickett became a reminder to always be vigilant.

"If I could park first, like right there, I totally would, but I mean, you just gotta watch," Krysten said.

Just after 1:30pm in a busy League City Wal-Mart parking lot, a woman was robbed at gunpoint. She had a 4-year-child with her.

Jessica Pickett, a mother of three, understands how she easily could become a victim.

"You're trying to watch where they are and you're already trying to watch for people around you, so if someone comes up and puts a gun in your face, you're a little stumped," she said.

Police said the woman had pulled into a parking space, and a Chevy Suburban pulled in behind her. A man who resembles the composite sketch above approached her vehicle, gun in hand, and demanded her purse. He then jumped back in to the Suburban's passenger seat and took off.

Justin Medellin says it sounds like a crime of opporunity.

"They're probably driving around, like any robber would probably target just somebody at random," Medellin said.

In fact, surveillance photos from the parking lot shows the robber casually cruising four minutes before the attack. They also provide good details about the robbers' vehcile: Vents over the front fenders, sunroof and large hood ornament, possibly an angel.

Police are on the lookout, and so is Medellin.

"It's scary to think it can happen at anytime to you," he said. "You're just walking to your car and the next thing you know, somebody just comes up behind you."

The woman and the toddler weren't injured. Police believe the driver of the SUV is a woman. It was seen driving off toward Interstate 45. It is tan or gold and is a late 90s or early 2000s model.

The male suspect is white and probably in his mid 20's or early 30's. The woman also was described only as a white female in her mid 20's or early 30's.

Meanwhile, anyone who has information regarding the robbery is asked to contact the League City Criminal Investigation Division at 281-338-8210.

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