Pregnant woman delivers own child

HOUSTON Charla Rosa knew the time would come but she didn't think it would come that early. Six weeks before doctors predicted a delivery of her child, something unpredictable happened.

"This is where I was sitting, and this is where Adrianna just decided to come out so quickly," Charla said.

Instead of rushing to the hospital, Charla delivered her own baby, yes, by herself, and somehow, she stayed calm.

"Because she was still attached to me, I felt like if I panicked, she would panic, and no one was here to help for immediate care and if I was panicking, what good would it do for her?" Charla said. "So I just knew to stay calm!"

Rosa called her husband, Ricky Rosa, who was 25 minutes away. As Ricky rushed home, he called the doctor.

"(Ricky said) she thinks the baby's head's right there; it's coming out," Dr. Bryan Blonder said. "I said it's never happened to me in 15 years. I think it's unlikely, but let's see if we can get her to the hospital."

And Blonder gave Ricky instructions.

"I remembered the doctor said to grab some scissors, so when I came inside, I saw my kids' construction scissors," Ricky said.

Then he had to find some string.

"So I ran over here to the hammock, as fast as I could, and I cut two pieces of string, just like this, and I ran back inside," Ricky said.

He had cut the umbilical cord in the hospital when his sons were born, but never like this.

Once delivered, little Adrianna Maria was OK. She was born 4 pounds 3 inches.

Charla didn't know it then, but her placenta had ruptured, a very dangerous situation. That's why she went into labor six weeks early.

"She is truly a miracle, absolutely a miracle," Charla said. "God has totally blessed us."

Adrianna is now a month old, and Ricky Rosa says having his wife, Charla, and baby girl safe will make this the best Father's Day of his life.

The Rosas are grateful that Ricky didn't get home earlier. They fear the baby would have been born on the side of the road on the way to the hospital, and might not have survived.

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