What's happening to fowl in west Houston?

HOUSTON It's happening at a landscaped area near Memorial and Eldridge. Up until last year, it was the headquarters for TransOcean. But since the company moved away, the area has been empty, except for the ducks and people nearby who come to feed them.

One of the homeowners who lives nearby found a goose he regularly feeds there dead. He says other people who come to feed the ducks and geese report some of them missing, as well. He says the goose he found dead was a particularly disturbing discovery.

"The goose was dead, and what I found really strange is the heart was taken out and was laying next to it," said Rino Jasper. "So I got more concerned. I've had different reports from other people who feed the ducks over here. They're saying the ducks are missing."

A nearby homeowners association put out a note to residents to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. The area is located on private property so county commissioners don't have jurisdiction over the care of the fowl.

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