Battle between condo and bar brews on

HOUSTON We told you earlier this week how Hans' Bier Haus in the Village is trying to renew its liquor license, but the residents at the Robinhood condos are fighting it.

It wasn't exactly a discussion over a beer. The two sides were trying to reach an agreement where the condo association would pull its protest with the TABC in exchange for the bar agreeing to certain terms, but that didn't happen.

The battle between the homeowners of the Robinhood condos and Hans' Bier Haus next door dragged on for another day. Attorneys for the condos tried to paint bar owner Paul Kellogg as someone who doesn't take city codes seriously.

Already the attorneys have showcased home videos of what they say are loud gatherings at the bar. Then there is the surveillance video allegedly showing one of the bar owners grabbing onto the Robinhood's concierge last December.

At its core, the condo association, which has been in existence for about four years, would like to see the liquor license for Hans' Bier Haus revoked.

Although the bar owners tried to paint the place as nothing more than a quiet, little neighborhood joint that's been in that location for more than 15 years, the condo association attacked it at every opportunity, even questioning the number of parking spaces available for the bar.

At least one bar patron has testified that a condo owner pointed a laser pointer down at the bar to intimidate him.

Testimony will wrap up tonight, but no decision is expected until at least Friday.

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