Vandals strike dozens in Missouri City

MISSOURI CITY, TX Police suspect teenagers are behind the overnight crime wave. Authorities say at least 26 locations were tagged by the vandals -- everything from the pool and community clubhouse to peoples' homes. Even some vehicles were spray painted.

Police say some of the graffiti does resemble the work of gangs. However, some of the colors are a bit off, leading officials to suspect this was the work of teenagers. Despite that fact, its little comfort to residents forced to wake up to the sight Wednesday morning.

"Makes me frustrated," said resident Sean Reynolds. "The fact that someone could just walk in and slap you in the face like this -- we're just not going to tolerate it."

"If we are to believe that teenagers are doing this as a prank, it tends to fit with school just getting out," said Cpt. John Bailey with the Missouri City Police Department. "The first or second weekend, kids are bored and they're going out and causing damage. They're going to have to realize, though, that if they get caught doing something like this, they are going to face a substantial fine."

Not only that, but because of the number of victims involved, the case could be considered a felony. Police did recover a spray paint can lid. They are currently processing it for fingerprints.

The city and the community management company are sending crews to clean up the graffiti immediately, sending the message that this will not be tolerated.

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