Nearly 40 illegal immigrants found inside home

HOUSTON Officers were called out to a home on Fairmeadow near West Airport in southwest Houston overnight. The FBI and Houston police were tipped off that there were 38 illegal immgrants there, along with two smugglers. The tip also said that members of the MS-13 gang were headed to the house to raid it.

Officers went to the house, and rounded up everyone inside. They also waited to see if any MS-13 members showed up, but none did.

According an official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the 40 individuals in custody come from various countries: China, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. There are 29 males and 11 females. Two of the males and one of the females are juveniles. One of the females is pregnant.

Everyone in ICE custody is being questioned.

This is the second time in two days officials have raided a suspected illegal immigrant operation. Yesterday's immigration raid happened in southeast Houston. A man investigators say was being held against his will escaped from a house on Corl and Midvale and ran to a nearby store for help. Officers found 9 people inside, including 3 children. Three suspected human smugglers were also arrested.

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