Gentleman's club causing controversy

HOUSTON There are no permit applications on the doors of a former sports bar on Bay Area Boulevard near El Camino Real, but inside remodeling work underway is visible. The plans, though, for this building's latest tenant are on a website. It's called Luks and it offers "fine dining." But it's also an adult cabaret with female dancers, one that would be located across the street from a Harris County library and more businesses with family appeal.

Houston District E Councilman Mike Sullivan believes the business violates Houston's sexually oriented business restrictions.

"I think this is an immoral business, this is an immoral industry," Sullivan said. "The City of Houston has had some success in the last two years in closing some of these businesses down. I want to keep others from opening up."

Sullivan is asking that any permit applications be flagged so that he can review them.

The local civic association is also opposing the business. Their contention is that this parcel of property strictly prohibits adult oriented businesses.

Neighbors aren't throwing a welcome party either.

"Experience has shown us from other cities that once you bring in an establishment such as this that you see an increase in your drugs, your prostitution, your violent crime," said nearby homeowner Darla Cook. "We've got a bowling alley here and the library."

Late Tuesday afternoon, we received an e-mail from the owner of Luks Cabaret. It stated that the company had no intention of operating a sexually oriented business at this location, adding that unrelated to any land use restrictions, the company has decided not to open a business on this site.

We worked on this story with the Bay Area Citizen, part of our Houston Community Newspaper partnership.

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