Dead baby whale washes ashore in NY

JONES BEACH, NY The whale, at least 25 feet long, was spotted just after 9am Thursday.

Rescue workers from the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation were en route to examine the whale.

They will perform a necropsy to determine what killed the whale. There were no apparent signs of distress or injury. The whale was spotted on a section of beach known as High Hill. It is two miles east of the Jones Beach Water Tower, east of Field 6 and west of Tobay Beach.

The beaching is close to where a male dolphin washed ashore in West Gilgo Beach last Thursday. That dolphin died less than a day later.

In April, an ill baby humpback whale washed ashore in East Hampton. Several attempts to euthanize that whale failed before authorities were able to finally put it down.

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