Task force works toward NASA's future

HOUSTON Bolden and U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke are just a couple of the major players on the space industry task force. The task force is designed to help transition those steeped in the shuttle program, into other meaningful work.

There was a lot of discussion about assisting the work force left without jobs at the Kennedy Space Center, but there's been virtually no mention so far of the Johnson Space Center.

The purpose of the meeting was mostly to interact with the central Florida region. Friday's announcement, carried live on NASA TV, showed support from Locke, who said nothing significant about the Johnson Space Center, but did clearly state his support for Florida.

"Before I leave here today, I hope all of you will walk away with one unambiguous message -- we are committed to this region," Locke said.

Earlier this year, the president announced a $40 million grant for central Florida, to help with the transition out of the shuttle program. Add to that, another $15 million announced by the labor secretary this week. No such announcement has come for southeast Texas.

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