Mother found dead in her apartment

HOUSTON While investigators say this was not a random crime, they're not saying much about the person of interest who is now being questioned by police. The victim's family is determined to see him brought to justice.

As a grandmother, mother of four and a home health care nurse, Bridgette Jones, 46, meant different things to different people. Yet everyone who knew her adored her.

Her brother Bruce Jones said, "She's a nice person, a strong person, a heart of fire."

It makes the circumstances surrounding her murder all the more troubling. Police say Jones was beaten to death and robbed inside her apartment while her nine-year-old son was in bed asleep in the next room.

Officer Richard Bolton with the Houston Police homicide division said, "Last night she and some of her cousins got together to watch a basketball game. They left. A friend spoke to her about 1:15 this morning."

What happened next remains a mystery. Around 7:30 Friday morning, a neighbor noticed the door to Jones' apartment was ajar. He looked inside and found her partially clothed body on the living room floor. A television and Jones' car were missing.

Jones' sister Kenyetta Blocker said, "She didn't deserve this. She didn't. She didn't bother anybody so I'm very surprised to hear this happened to her."

Jones' nine-year-old son was taken to the Children's Assessment Center where police are talking to him. Police say the person of interest they are questioning right now may be a man that Jones had been dating.

Authorities are looking for Jones' white Mazda 626, Texas license plate FGR 230.

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