Ft. Bend detective recalls saving girl's life

HOUSTON Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office Detective Vanessa Brady took her first CPR class about 10 years ago. She says she thought she'd never have to use it, but she was glad she had her training after this weekend.

At the Guadalupe River on Memorial Day weekend, it can be crowded. But it also turned chaotic for Brady and her family when a 12-year-old girl disappeared underwater in the river for several minutes.

"I noticed a lady running back and forth and started yelling for help," Brady said.

The girl's body was eventually found in several feet of water and pulled to the surface.

For the dozens watching, it seemed too late.

"There were people screaming, crying that her body was lifeless, she was blue," Brady said. "She was not breathing. She didn't have a pulse."

An off-duty nurse began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Brady jumped in and began chest compressions.

Her first 15 minutes of CPR ever seemed like a blur until the girl took a shallow breath.

"It's a great feeling to know that this little girl is going to live just by knowing something so simple," Brady said.

Brady also said that about a month ago, she'd taken a refresher course.

As for the girl, she's still hospitalized but is expected to recover.

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