Security guard charged with murder out on bond

HOUSTON Terry Beacom, 22, was arrested last week and charged with the murder of 20-year-old Everette Crockett. It happened on May 24 at the Cullen Park Apartments in southeast Houston. Beacom and another security guard from Top Gun Security were checking out a minor traffic accident that Crockett had been accused of causing. Beacom told officers that Crockett tried to run him over, so he shot him in fear of his safety.

However, police say Beacom's story didn't add up. They say the bullet holes in the car showed that Crockett was driving away from Beacom. The security guard was arrested and charged with murder last Thursday.

Crockett's mother plans to file a lawsuit.

As part of Beacom's bond, he cannot possess a weapon and he cannot have contact with any witnesses.

Beacom has been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. We've also learned that Beacom has hired high-profile defense attorney George Parnham.

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