Informant testifies in officer death trial

HOUSTON Xiomara Mendez Rosales and Andres Nava Maldonado remained emotionless as the prosecution consistently presented evidence to the jury linking the defendants to organized crime and the death of HPD Officer /*Henry Canales*/. The prosecution is trying to prove both defendants were part of a criminal organization that bought and sold stolen items.

A man working as a police informant the night Officer Canales was shot to death testified Friday. The informant told the jury he arranged the meeting between the defendants and Officer Canales to buy stolen TVs.

"I did not negotiate the price," said the informant. "When the officer arrived, she (Mendez) negotiated with him."

It's a distinction the prosecution wants to make, showing the defendants were criminals committing a felony by buying stolen TVs that eventually caused Officer Canales' death.

The defense disagrees, saying the defendants thought they were about to be robbed and drove off when the shootout happened between Canales and a third suspect, Roberto Carrillo. Both men died at the scene during the undercover sting operation in June 2009.

The prosecution rested their case Friday afternoon. Testimony will continue on Tuesday.

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