New video of deputy's car after shootout

HOUSTON Deputy Charlie Scott was to have surgery again Monday to repair the wrist that took two bullets Saturday. We're told he'll be OK. Deputies say his family is thankful he's alive. He's a husband and a father who endured something no lawmen ever wants to.

The bullet holes, the broken glass -- pictures can only begin to tell the story of the shootout that happened Saturday in Fort Bend County. Three deputy vehicles were shot up repeatedly by suspects fleeing from a bank robbery.

One vehicle was driven by Deputy Charlie Scott, who was shot at least three times -- twice in the wrist and another round grazing his head.

Chief Deputy Craig Brady with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said, "It's amazing that he survived."

The suspects hit a Bank of America near Grand Parkway. Deputy Scott spotted a van matching the suspects' vehicle around 10am and pulled the driver over. He didn't even get out of the vehicle before he was fired upon by the suspect, who authorities say used an AK-47. Scott was able to fire back despite being hit. He also was able to radio for help.

Chief Deputy Brady says that chilling transmission is matched in intensity only by the dash cam video of the incident. The department is not yet releasing that.

"It was shocking," he said. "It was very hard to watch. It was nothing but an ambush. He had no chance to respond before they started spraying the car with bullets."

Two other deputies were fired upon as they tried to stop the van, which then fled, bullets striking both vehicles within inches of the deputies. The rounds came from a semi-automatic AK-47. Brady says investigators later found four magazines of ammunition inside the van. Two and half of them were empty. He estimates the suspect fired more than 100 rounds. One of them struck an innocent bystander. Arwen McGaw of Cypress, a mother of two, was hit by the gunfire.

A deputy eventually killed the shooter, who's been identified as Mouafak Kazzaz, 26. Larrylon Williams, 25, surrendered.

McGaw remains hospitalized also. Her family says she is groggy but improving. At the Fort Bend County jail, suspected getaway driver Larrylon Williams refused our request for comment.

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