New details released in deputy shooting incident

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX We told you about the bank robbery and shooting near Sugar Land Saturday. Investigators say two men hit a bank off Grand Parkway and then opened fire on deputies with high-powered weapons.

We are learning a lot about what took place during that shooting and the people that were involved. The main deputy involved in this case, Fort Bend County Deputy Charlie Scott, was still in the hospital as of Sunday evening. He has two gunshot wounds to the wrist and a bullet grazed his head.

Eyewitness News has also learned there was another deputy, Deputy Courtney Bank, who had a very close call. Glass fragments from his windshield actually struck his shoulder and an AK47 bullet was lodged in the headrest of his deputy cruiser.

Chief Dep. Craig Brady spoke with the civilian injured in the shootout, Arwen McGaw, Sunday and says she has been through surgery. She is talking and is still recovering.

One of the suspects killed was identified by authorities as 26-year-old Mouafak Kazzaz. Investigators initially believed he had taken his own life, but then later determined that a sheriff's deputy killed him during the shootout.

They have also identified the driver in that getaway van as 25-year-old Larry Williams. He is the custody of Ft. Bend County Sheriff's Department and on a $1 million bond. He faces at least five counts, three of them attempted capital murder of a police officer.

The chief deputy says with all of the gunfire, it is a miracle the deputies and civilian are all expected to recover.

"I think everybody, including all of the agencies that assisted, performed in the yeomen fashion and I am very pleased with it," said Brady. "It's unfortunate that anyone was injured. In this one, the only one that died was someone that deserved it."

One suspect is dead. A second suspect is in custody. But this investigation is ongoing and deputies say they are still looking into the possibility that there is a third suspect involved in the bank robbery.

They are also looking into the possibility this bank robbery could be connected to many others in the Houston area.

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