Student's neck slashed during bus stop confrontation

HOUSTON The incident happened shortly after school let out in the parking lot of the North Shore Ninth Grade Center on Holly Park. According to Galena Park ISD's Craig Eichhorn, two 15-year-old male students got into a fight, and one slashed the other in the neck with an object that looks like a box cutter.

The fight was broken up soon after, and first aid was administered to the injured student, who was conscious and talking. He was transported to Ben Taub Hospital, and the extent of his injuries are unknown at this time. The suspect was taken into custody at the scene.

Harris County Precinct 3 Constables Office says the confrontation first started at a pep rally the school had earlier in the day, when one of the students bumped into the other student sparking the altercation.

One student told us he overheard that the fight may have been pre-planned during the day at school.

A student who witnessed the fight told us the confrontation started after one student called the other, "a fake."

School officials are trying to determine if the suspect had the weapon in his possession at school or acquired it from someone else after school.

The suspect will likely be transferred to an alternative campus for the remaining nine days of the school year and could also face expulsion.

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