Family hears murdered HPD officer's last words

HOUSTON Harris County prosecutors played the 19-minute audio recording during the fourth day of the murder trial of Xiomara Mendez Rosales and Andres Nava Maldonado, who stand accused of killing Houston Police Officer /*Henry Canales*/.

The officer made the recording during an undercover sting operation in June 2009 that ended with his shooting death. The two defendants and a third man, Roberto Carrillo, were reportedly taking part in a transaction involving stolen televisions. Carrillo, who was also killed in the gunfight, is the person who actually shot Canales.

The recording has more than a dozen shots and Officer Canales is heard saying, "I'm shot," before he dies.

Arriving officers can be heard on the tape trying to save Canales' life, repeatedly saying, "Breath, Henry. Breath, Henry."

Canales' family cried as they listened to the recording.

Crime scene officers testify in trial

Earlier Friday, prosecutors called a sergeant and an officer from the HPD crime scene unit who collected evidence from the scene in the hours after the shooting. They recalled the details of the scene, saying about $8,000 was found at the scene, with some of the money stained with Canales' blood.

One of the crime scene officers testified about Canales' wounds from the shooting.

Officer S. Rowe said, "He appeared to have a gunshot wound to his back."

The prosecution asked if he had another other apparent wounds.

She replied, "Yes, on his right arm."

The testimony has included the painstaking details that it takes to recreate the moments leading up to the shooting and the investigation following that.

The defendants could face life in prison if convicted for their part in this incident.

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