School fight between students caught on tape

HOUSTON It was an assault that sent two brothers to the hospital, and the teens say there has been a problem with bullying at the school.

The school fight was bloody and violent, involving several male high school students. At the center are two brothers who say they were targeted. However, the Fort Bend School District says it appears the brothers started the fight.

At first, the students are swirling around the boy in the plaid shirt, George Cardenas, 16. Then the fight becomes serious as George is surrounded, beaten then shoved to the ground. In the midst of the chaos, a teacher tries unsuccessfully to stop the fight.

The cell phone video was taken by another student who is not identified by the lawyers representing George and his brother Alfredo, 18. The teens say they were bullied.

"We're not sure if it was gang related, and we're not sure if it was racial either," said the teens' lawyer, Husein Hadi. "I believe the older individuals were harassing the younger brother, and that's when the older brother stepped in to protect the younger brother."

We weren't allowed to ask Alfredo Cardenas or his younger brother George about the fight. The lawyer says he wants to protect his clients. Alfredo's nose and four bones around his eye are broken. George has several stitches in his upper lip.

The fight happened inside the gymnasium at Marshall High School in Missouri City last week on May 11. The Fort Bend School District acknowledges the fight, but not the allegations of bullying.

In a prepared statement, the district spokesperson says, "All six students were voluntarily engaging in a fight during classroom instruction time, and all have been issued Class C citations for disruption of class. Fort Bend ISD police have completed its investigation and turned the case over to the Fort Bend County DA's office."

The boys' mother, who doesn't speak English, says her sons have been continually bullied, and she's reported it to the school.

Humbertina Cardenas says her niece translated, and she talked to the principal and teacher. It's a claim denied by Fort Bend school officials who say they have no record of any reports by Cardenas.

For this mother, what she wants is simple - she says she wants justice.

The Cardenas family plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Fort Bend School District.

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