Arsonist may be on the loose in SW Houston

HOUSTON The fire broke out around 2:15am on Wirevine at Brendam. Investigators are still looking into exactly what caused this blaze. They believe it's suspicious at this point.

The fire damaged part of a condo's garage. The flames nearly spread to a neighboring garage but that was fortunately stopped. The damage was not extensive because firefighters were able to get to the scene fairly quickly.

The issue is not the size of the fire because the fire itself was fairly small. What concerns investigators is that this may be related to several other fires that have lit up the neighborhood in recent days.

"We've had several fires in this area, so we've got arson investigators looking into this area and investigating," said Assistant Chief Richard Mann with the Houston Fire Department.

We are trying to reach some of the arson investigators to see if they can shed more light on what exactly is taking place. Some nearby residents are concerned that one arson fire is enough and if there is more than one, they are especially worried.

Another fire broke out 15 minutes later on Longvine at Westbranch. This blaze turned out to be an electrical fire. Crews say an electrical outlet in the wall of the garage caught fire but firefighters quickly put it out.

No one was hurt at either location.

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