Illegal immigrants held hostage by suspected coyote

HOUSTON It all happened at an apartment complex on Corporate and Sharpcrest. Police first got the call around 9pm, that people were being held hostage at a southwest Houston apartment. When the first officer went to the door and knocked, he reported hearing the sound of a gun click, so he ordered the person out.

Eventually, a man came out without a weapon. Police say they discovered a weapon, illegal drugs, and another man being held hostage inside the apartment.

"The victim tells us that the others that were being held against their will, paid some money and were released before we got here," said Sgt. John This with the Houston Police Department.

Police understand there were at least four others being held hostage in addition to the one man found at the apartment complex.

Authorities say the suspect in this case faces charges of kidnapping, for cocaine possession and for possession of a stolen weapon.

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