Charter school teacher has criminal record

HOUSTON In an interview on "Good Morning America" Sheri Lynn Davis also said that student had attacked teachers and other students in the past. Now we've learned another teacher who left the school earlier this week was on probation.

Gabriel Moseley was a Houston ISD employee when he was caught with possession of marijuana. He started substituting for Jamie's House Charter School in 2008 while still serving his deferred adjudication on the charge.

A spokesperson for the school said officials there were aware of the charges against Moseley when they hired him, but they wanted to give him a second chance.

On Monday, the school announced Moseley had resigned after admitting he witnessed Davis beat a 13-year-old student who allegedly had been picking on a special needs classmate. The beating was captured on video by other students in the classroom.

However, his lawyer said Moseley never resigned.

"It is important to note that on Monday, May 18, 2010, Gabriel Moseley was terminated from his teaching position at Jamie's House Charter School," the lawyer wrote in a statement issued to the media. "Dr. David Jones, principal of Jamie's House, terminated him without explanation. It is a falsehood that he resigned or intended to resign."

A spokesman for Jamie's House says Moseley was fired because he witnessed part of the beating and didn't take proper action to stop it. Moseley's attorney says he reported the incident up the chain of command and did nothing wrong.

"He has not committed any crime or act of wrongdoing and has fully cooperated with law enforcement as this investigation continues," said the attorney.

Meanwhile, Davis told the GMA audience on Wednesday that although what she did was unacceptable, she wanted others to know what sparked the taped attack.

"We receive very little training about how to handle these kids," Davis said. "We basically don't know what we're getting ourselves into."

Davis says a special needs student was inside a classroom with a large group of at-risk students who had locked the door to the room and locked teachers and hall monitors out. Isaiah Reagins, the 13-year-old boy whom Davis kicked, slapped and hit, allegedly had been jumping around the disabled child, Davis said. She said she feared that special needs student would come to harm.

"This young man has assaulted teachers," she said. "He's assaulted kids. He has been consistently addressed with administration concerning his behavior."

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