Night of officer's death recalled in trial

HOUSTON Prosecutors have been questioning Grady Bailey, a corporate fraud investigator who was working for Target the night that Officer Canales was killed.

Xiomara Mendez-Rosales and Andres Nava-Maldonado are the defendants in the case. Last June, Officer Canales was working undercover during a reverse sting when he was involved in a shootout with Roberto Carrillo. Both Officer Canales and Carrillo died, but prosecutors allege Mendez-Rosales and Nava-Maldonado were also involved because they were about to buy the supposed stolen televisions that were the core of the reverse sting.

On the stand, Bailey recalled in detail the events of that night, including the moments when the gunshots rang out.

"Could you tell how many shots were fired?" asked the prosecution.

"No, you really couldn't. They came in such quick succession, they came very fast," replied Bailey.

As the testimony continues in detail, several police officers in uniform sat in the audience. The officers say they were here to support the Canales family. Members of the immediate family are being kept out of the courtroom because they may be called as witnesses in the trial.

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