Search underway for stolen Jesus statue


The statue apparently weighed several hundred pounds, so it could have taken some doing stealing it. But someone did - right in the middle of the work day.

Outside the Catholic Charities Galveston office now sits the base of a statue.

"Someone stole our Jesus statue, you know," said Norma Roche with Catholic Charities. "I'm sad that it's missing."

The statue of Jesus - the sacred heart of Jesus - was seen here by employees as they arrived for work last Friday. Norma Roche noticed the three-foot-tall cement statue was gone when she returned from lunch.

Someone took it, even though the office was open and staff worked just a few feet away inside.

"It makes me sad that someone would have to steal from a non-profit agency," Roche said. "The statue is here for the people that walk through this door."

About 1,500 people a week walk through the door here. Many are still getting help with recovery from Hurricane Ike, and the food pantry can't keep enough stocked.

The statue was an inspiration to those both coming and working here. It was a symbol of hope and of healing.

Maybe that's why those working here are hoping for some divine intervention. They don't have harsh words for the person responsible.

"If you would return it, we don't love you any less," said Terence Brown with Catholic Charities. "We extend that healing virtue of Jesus to you."

Other Galvestonians find it hard to be so accepting.

"It is frustrating that someone thinks they can go do whatever they want and not be held accountable, and they should be held accountable," Galveston resident Sherilyn Cook said.

"I just think they don't have no respect for nothing - like a lot of people nowadays," Galveston resident William Gomez said.

The statue was donated to Catholic Charities after they moved to this location following Hurricane Ike. The donor says it cost about $500.

Galveston police say they have no leads on suspects. If you have any information which can help locate the statue or whoever took it, you are urged to call them at 409-766-2100.

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