Three people shot, killed at apartment complex

HOUSTON The scene at the Idlewood Condominiums on Westpark near Woodchase is still active hours after the shooting that police are now calling a triple murder.

"We don't feel safe - not even during the day," said Roberta Plata.

In seven years, Plata says her fair neighborhood has turned crime-ridden.

"We've had many break-ins, doors kicked in at 10 o'clock. Not even a year ago, I witnessed a robbery at 4 o'clock in the afternoon," Plata said.

So when Plata woke up to walk her dog and ran into more police, she wasn't that surprised.

"That complex across the way is notorious for drugs, drug dealers," she said.

Police say drugs may be the reason behind the shooting here, that killed three men, all in their 20s and 30s.

"The shooting occurred inside and outside the apartment," said JC Bonaby, HPD Homicide Investigator.

Witnesses reported hearing between five and eight gunshots around 4am Monday morning. One witness told us he woke up and looked out his window and saw two men running to an older style, maybe a 80s-90s two-tone blue Suburban.

One man was found dead inside the apartment, another outside on the sidewalk. An acquaintance drove a third man to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he died from his gunshot wounds.

"So, we have a triple-murder homicide," said Bonaby.

While police didn't find guns at the scene, officers searched the apartment and did find drugs. It's still unclear whether the men lived here or if they were even friends, but police believe they were all inside that apartment at some point before they were killed.

"It appears they may all know each other, were inside the apartment at some time early this morning and late Sunday night," Bonaby said.

Police are still unsure whether these men died were caught in a shootout or if they are the victims of one shooter. For Roberta Plata, that part doesn't matter. What does matter is that her neighborhood erase the crime that's made its way here.

"After this, I don't know. We have two security guards, maybe we need more," said Plata.

The acquaintance who drove the third victim to the hospital is being questioned by police.

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